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2017 is a big year for Digital NewFronts. NewFronts, run by the IAB, are an annual series of events and presentations from digital media companies featuring pitches aimed at both video content creators and advertisers. During this year’s May event series, 32 separate digital media companies will host their own NewFronts. The companies presenting include big names like Twitter, DigitasLBi, Turner, and Google. The Pinnacle View team had a chance to view live video from several NewFronts. Each presenter wants to prove that their platform will feature the most effective, innovative, and engaging tools by which advertisers can reach customers. It’s a time when digital media companies can unabashedly strut their stuff. It’s a time for publishers to sit down and hope that they’re impressed.

The growth of Digital NewFronts from just 15 presenters in 2012, to 32 in 2017 is evidence that digital advertising’s importance is growing at a tremendous rate. The Digital NewFronts were originally meant to compete with traditional Television NewFronts. This year, Turner Broadcasting is a key presenter. The industry is starting to see the light. Glowing in the light are five words –


Video Content is the future.


Since you’re reading this, I want to make sure you see the light too. Every digital marketer needs to pay attention to this year’s slate of NewFronts. Pay particular attention to the companies and platforms that you work with or see potential for in the future. For example, Pinnacle View had given up on Twitter. We had stopped recommending that our clients stop focusing their online and social media growth efforts on a Twitter following. All signs for Twitter were pointing towards the platform dying a slow death. But we were wrong. So far In Q1 2017 they’ve added 300 million new active users. Then at this year’s NewFront presentation they revealed that they have ambitious, inventive, and modern plans for the future of Twitter. This includes hosting a 24/7 news program with Bloomberg Media. All of sudden, Twitter has become a social media platform with the potential to garner serious attention from customers. There’s new excitement around the future of Twitter. We may be recommending it again to our clients very soon.

Our advice to digital marketers, especially those serious about providing smart, innovative ideas to their clients, is to research the key updates from this year’s slate of Digital NewFronts presenters. The schedule below includes the full list of this year’s presenters. Use this list to Google search updates from any companies that seem interesting (should be all of them). There’s a lot to learn from these companies, and there’s a lot to be excited about.

Perhaps some of this year’s NewFront presentations won’t directly affect how you do business. Regardless, staying informed in this rapidly changing industry is essential to success.

Thanks for reading. Leave comments. We’d love to hear what you found most exciting and interesting about the 2017 NewFront presentations.  





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