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Our social media services focus on getting you in front of your customers in ways that enhance your brand and increase your revenue. Our use of creative content and data analysis ensure your social media efforts consistently create impact for your business.

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Our team can become fully integrated with yours. We will work together towards achieving one goal, growing your business.

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We have experience with businesses of all sizes: Startups, small businesses, Shark Tank winners, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

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Pinnacle View focuses on what really matters, the results! We don't spend your budget unless we are sure it will have a positive return.

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Pinnacle View’s Flexible, Results Driven Model Could Be The Perfect Match For Your Social Media Needs.

Your success is our success. We strive to create memorable advertising campaigns that ensure you stand out from the competition.

As a results oriented team, we ensure our clients don’t take unnecessary risks.  When building campaigns, we start with a test phase. This allows our teams to gather insights and pinpoint variables that will lead to long term positive results. With Pinnacle View, all of your social media efforts will be grounded in measurable results and data.

We’ll always look for opportunities to increase the effectiveness of every dollar you spend online. As a partner, you can count on us to constantly bring you ideas capable of supercharging the success of your social media advertising efforts.

Working with Pinnacle View means having peace of mind that your social media presence is in the hands of experts. We work with clients that are very hands on, and ones that prefer to give us total autonomy. Whatever style you prefer, our priorities remain the same. Be a trusted partner, produce results, and grow your online presence.


Social Media Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of businesses need social media advertising?

In today’s world, it’s a given that every business must be present online. B2C companies, in particular, are constantly looking to capture the attention of their customers. For most businesses, social media is the most cost-effective channel for reaching their market.  Pinnacle View’s social media advertising services focus on putting brands in front of the right audiences with compelling messages.  Regardless of the industry, any business can use social media to increase brand awareness and better connect with their market.

What is the process for social media advertising?

For Pinnacle View, a sound strategy is at the core of all social media advertising. We don’t just create your ads and hope they perform well. We focus on creating entire campaigns that share a common style, theme,  message, objective, and positively reflect your brand identity. We then implement rapid testing and assess the results from multiple variables so that we can identify what will drive the highest conversion rates and engagement for your business.

If we are to list out the process, it would look something like this:

1- Client interview and brand voice discovery

2- Digital asset creation and collection

3- Initial Strategy Creation

4- Rapid ad testing

5- Client review and budget readjustment

6- Creating larger campaigns with necessary landing pages

7- Measuring conversion results and pivoting to readjust

8- Continuous monitoring and improvement

How does Pinnacle View measure social media advertising results?

There are multiple ways of measuring ad performance and success.

For example, imagine a spa business attempting to get more clients through social media.  Our team may run a promotional offer that focusing on measuring how many people who claimed the offer converted into additional revenue for the spa. In a different scenario, the same spa may open a new location and look to build brand awareness. The success of our ad campaigns would most likely be measured based on impressions and ad recall lift.

How long does it typically take to see results?

This can depend on the marketing objective and the size of the campaign. Our team focuses on doing a rapid testing phase first. We use this phase to get a better understanding of what works best for the target audience. The testing phase can be as short as one week or as long as one month, depending on the scale of the project.  Once the testing phase is complete, we typically have enough insights to invest in advertising campaigns and immediately see positive results.

What is a typical ad spend budget?

The client has the final say in determining the budget allocated for advertising campaigns. Our teams have seen businesses spend as little as $350 a month or as high as $10,000+ a month on social media advertising. Regardless, we will always partner with clients to assess their goals and recommend a budget.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions, you may reach our leadership team by clicking here to fill out the contact form. We will answer your question as soon as we can. For a more immediate answer, you can contact us by calling +1 678-632-6173.

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