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Several of our startup clients have ambitious goals for growth, but aren’t able to put enough focus on marketing due to limited time, money, and resources. These factors stand in the way of increased exposure for countless new businesses. There’s no denying that focusing on product quality should be a top priority for any serious startup. The product is key, but your market can’t buy what they don’t know exists. In 2016, there were about 550,000 startups founded in the United States. No matter your industry, there is serious competition, and it’s essential that you think of how your business will stand out to your target market.

Advances in digital marketing technology have made gaining exposure for startups more doable than ever before. Social media, email marketing, blogging, YouTube, Google. You name it! There are numerous great options, and 2016’s $70 Billion in digital advertising spend is evidence that these options are good ones.  But with all this in mind, how does a startup get the most bang for their buck when it’s time to start marketing their business?

These aren’t the most revolutionary concepts you’ve ever seen, but when it comes to digital marketing, how your startup approaches planning and budgeting will have a serious impact on your customer acquisition opportunities.



For many startups, digital marketing has devolved into ineffective Facebook posts, unread blogs, and advertising budgets that don’t have a clear ROI. All of these things can be avoided if your business is willing to dedicate time for some thoughtful planning. Before you start (or continue) putting effort into any aspect of your digital marketing, sit down with your team and go through the pros and cons of all the options you have for marketing the business online. If you’re not able to make a strong case for why you should use a digital marketing channel, then just avoid it all together. If you identify an opportunity to meaningfully market the business online, then that’s where you should put your focus and effort.  After you decide which route you want to go, whether social media, Google Ad Words, blogging, etc, then you should develop a strategy (even a very simple one) for how you will use those channels to grow the business. When considering online channels as “Why will it help us specifically?” and “How exactly will we manage it so that it does what we want?”

After you’ve done the heavy lifting of creating a high-level digital marketing plan, you should also make sure you’re at least having monthly meetings with everyone involved in the marketing efforts. These meetings don’t have to be longer than an hour, but should always have a focused agenda. Smart topics to discuss would be the themes of your marketing content, the strategy for any ads you’ll run, and an assessment of how your advertising spend is hurting or helping the business. At the end of these meetings, everyone should have a clear picture of what needs to be done to keep up the quality of the business’s online presence.  

Avoid inconsistency. Avoid the lack of clarity. Avoid ineffectiveness. Make a plan that works for your business, then get your team to buy into it.


Your online presence and digital marketing have tremendous potential to grow your business and expand your reach. In order to do so, you have to be willing to invest in their success. This investment doesn’t have to be large. It doesn’t even have to always be in the form of advertising budgets. What it does have to be is consistent and impactful.

If you don’t know how much your business is spending per week, per month, and per year on digital marketing, then there’s no way for you to measure your level of success. If your business is spending $0 on your digital marketing, then you shouldn’t reasonably expect to see much success at all.

Your digital marketing budget may start out very small, but it can still work for you if you understand where it’s going and what results you’re looking for. Have you thought about what just $50 a week in Facebook ads could do if focused solely on brand awareness? Or maybe just saving $200 every month to use on one week long ad campaign focused on driving sales? Maybe investing in a monthly subscription in a content management system is a better use of your budget. There are numerous options for how your business can meaningfully invest a relatively small amount of money into your digital marketing efforts. The secret is that you must be willing to spend and take the time to discover where you’re most likely to get the impact you’re looking for. 


Even with smart planning and a well-made budget, your digital marketing efforts probably won’t produce a gold mine overnight. It takes a consistent effort and adjustments to see serious results. Most businesses will start and stop, but won’t stick to any one thing long enough to bear the fruits of their labor. Don’t make your plan, then only stick to it for a few months. Make adjustments where necessary, but don’t let your marketing die. Continue to focus on whatever channel you identified as being the best fit for your business, and consistently try to improve upon it. Eventually, you’ll see that more customers respond and there will be more reason to invest time, money, and resources.

Now you have the secrets to success, go use it. Leave a comment below and let us know if you found this post useful.

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