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Some FAQ

What are Pinnacle View's main services?

Pinnacle View delivers three main services:

1- Social media advertising and management

2- Website design and development

3- Strategy consulting

Why work with Pinnacle View?

Our teams are lean, dedicated, and innovative. We partner with clients to ensure that our digital marketing solutions are effective and sustainable. Before founding Pinnacle View, Anthony and Daniel – the co-founders – executed marketing and strategy projects for companies including Delta Air Lines, Estee´Lauder, and The PGA. Our industry leading digital marketing tactics are always focused on creating measurable business growth.

What is the process for social media advertising?

For Pinnacle View, a sound strategy is at the core of all social media advertising. We don’t just create your ads and hope they perform well. We focus on creating entire campaigns that share a common style, theme,  message, objective, and positively reflect your brand identity. We then implement rapid testing and assess the results from multiple variables so that we can identify what will drive the highest conversion rates and engagement for your business.

If we are to list out the process, it would look something like this:

1- Client interview and brand voice discovery

2- Digital asset creation and collection

3- Initial Strategy Creation

4- Rapid ad testing

5- Client review and budget readjustment

6- Creating larger campaigns with necessary landing pages

7- Measuring conversion results and pivoting to readjust

8- Continuous monitoring and improvement

What goes into website design and development? Does Pinnacle View set up the servers and purchase the domain names also?

There are multiple steps involved in building a high-quality website. Our team likes to tailor the website to the exact needs of the client. How many steps go into the process depends on the client interaction with our team. We love to give our clients the full flexibility to be hands-on or hands-off in the creation of their site.

Typically the web development process looks something like this:

1- Assessment phase

2- Client interview for understanding of objectives and brand identity

3- Domain name search and server provider comparison based on fit

4- Rough outline of UI/UX

4- Client review

5- Domain name and server purchase

6- Initial build

7- Digital asset collection and creation

8- Client review

9- Website text persuasion writing

10- Linking pages and buttons

11- Adding complex tools as needed

12- Testing

13- Client review

14- Final polishingg

15- Setting up analytics tools and webmaster tools

16- Client walk through and comments

17- Final edits

18- Delivery

19- Internal client testing

20- Launch of new site

What are the goals of a strategy consulting project?

There aren’t any specific goals that come standard with a strategy project. The goals are derived directly from the client’s needs. Goals can be increasing sales, decreasing costs and expenses, re-branding and re-positioning in the market, increasing operational efficiency, or reducing complexity. What ever the client needs, Pinnacle View delivers.

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