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The latest decree by the “Coalition for Better Advertising, a group including Facebook, Google, and the Washington Post, states that the worst digital ad formats may be completely blocked by online platforms. Annoying pop-ups, invisible exit buttons, full-screen takeovers, you get the gist. This is great news not just for internet users, but for digital media publishers as well, including big businesses like Google, to digital strategy consulting firms like Pinnacle View. Banning these awful ad formats is a smart move because it increases our engagement with the internet. Which means internet giants can continue to drive massive amounts of ad revenue while not losing active users. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a “win-win situation”.


What that means for businesses that have, or will soon adopt digital advertising, is not a new point, but still an increasingly important one. Quality must be your #1 priority when spending on digital advertising. In 2017, companies will spend over $20 billion on online advertising. To achieve engagement high enough to matter, your ads must distinguish themselves in some aspect of their quality. This applies to the thinking behind it, it’s design, and it’s execution.


I’m a fan of this type of action by market leaders. Regardless of the numbers, advertising is about people. The more empathy we have for our customers, the better our work is. Online publishers that rely on this type of thinking will see their business and online presence grow more than it already is. Those companies that don’t concern themselves with the quality of the content they publish will watch their reputation and accounts take hits.
It’s pretty clear which one you want to be.

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Credit to Jessica Smith from Business Insider

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