To Passion

How we helped a local Christian handmade artistry craftsman to build his e-commerce business and advertise it.



Nailed to The Cross specializes in custom, handmade crosses made from nail and wood. The business was founded in 2010 and recently launched an ecommerce store for their numerous unique designs. Nailed to the Cross approached Pinnacle View to do a full website redesign and execute social media advertising campaigns to drive online sales.  



  • Website Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Full Website Build and Maintenance
  • Online Advertising Strategy Development
  • Social Media Advertising Management



Despite having a full catalog of beautiful handmade crosses, Nailed to the Cross was unable to consistently drive sales in their online store until partnering with Pinnacle View. Their ecommerce site was not built according to  online best practices and the business had no strategy for online advertising. Due to these two factors, the only consistent means the business had for creating sales was through trade shows and word of mouth from past customers. Nailed to the Cross approached Pinnacle View to redesign their website, create an online advertising strategy, and execute advertising campaigns that would provide a positive return on advertising investment.



The first step in redesigning was assisting the business with new imagery for their product catalog. The site’s original product images were poorly lit, low resolution, and did not highlight the craftsmanship of each handmade cross. We worked closely with them to direct their new product photoshoots.

At this same time, the Pinnacle View team was also designing an entirely new website for the business. The new was was modern and sleek. Our team also ensured that it was an intelligent e-commerce website. Tracking pixels were added to the site that allowed us to launch highly accurate online advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.



Nailed to Cross was able to launch their first ever online advertising campaigns because they now had a visually appealing and intelligent website. Their online advertising budgets have consistently grown while working with Pinnacle View.  

Eye-Catching Design

Updated images of crosses throughout the entire site

Built search functions for ease of finding certain crosses