From Invisible

To Superstar

How we helped Coach Rosenblatt enter the online world and get discovered by thousands of people.



Jason Rosenblatt is one Georgia’s premier personal trainers, with over ten years of experience as a fitness coach and motivator. Jason training methodology focuses on teaching his clients more than just work out routines, but the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. In early 2017 Jason approached Pinnacle View to help him build an online presence and marketing strategy that would allow him to further stand out from trainers in Georgia.  



  • Website Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Full Website Build
  • Website Maintenance
  • Logo Creation
  • CRM Setup
  • Photography
  • Facebook Advertising  



Before partnering with Pinnacle View, Jason’s primary means for acquiring new clients were, personal connections, and positive word of mouth from past clients. As Jason looked to significantly scale his business into large group classes, home gym design, and a full staff of personal trainers, he realized he needed a central online location for all of his services. This website needed to establish credibility, create brand recognition, educate potential clients, and automate the new client acquisition process. After researching several options, Jason chose to partner with Pinnacle View because of our creativity and track record of unique and thorough work.  



All Pinnacle View projects are grounded in data, research, and deep understanding of our client’s market. The first step in creating was discovering the core values of Jason’s ideal client. Our primary and secondary research revealed that individuals in the market for a personal trainer prioritized reputation, variety of offerings, and ease. As we developed the website design and copy we ensured that testimonials, detailed service descriptions, and client centric language were prominently seen in every part of



The Pinnacle View team proudly created an intelligent, best in class website for Jason. includes seven uniquely designed pages that highlight each of Jason’s personal training services, allow visitors to schedule and pay for sessions, contact Jason through a custom CRM platform, and to read a fitness blog that further establishes Jason’s credibility as an expert.

Eye-Catching Design

Custom built booking and payment tool

Contact form synced with new CRM system

Detailed service offerings pages