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Making effective Facebook ads is no easy task. At any given moment, your ad is competing with other businesses for a small portion of a user’s screen. Once your ad is in front of a potential customer, then it’s fighting the hardest battle of them all – the fight for attention.

Did you know that the average Facebook ad click through rate is only .9%.


If you have a spectacular ad, probably 3 out of every 10 people that see it will end up taking the action you want. In the competitive social media advertising space, being good simply isn’t good enough.

If you’re a small business or marketer trying to make an impact on Facebook, the Pinnacle View team wants to help you out. In this guide, we’ll cover 5 of our favorite tactics for increasing the effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns. There are numerous techniques you can utilize on Facebook to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your ads, but we’re sharing the tactics that have been the most successful for us and our clients. We’re sure that if you integrate any combination of these tactics into your next Facebook ad campaign you’ll start to see the increased performance of your ads.

Let’s get right to it…



Tip #1

Use advanced location targeting


Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow you to customize your audience based on multiple location variables, including country, state, zip code, and address. You can even add multiple locations to one audience.

We love this feature, particularly for local businesses, because it allows us to make locationally relevant versions of our ads. For example, if you live in a football town, you can make an ad that targets anyone in your city with a message related to the local team. This is more impactful if you run an ad specifically for game days (tie into Tip #4). It’s no secret that the more relevant your ad is to your audience, the more likely they are to engage with it. Utilizing location information is both specific enough and broad enough to reach a large number of Facebook users with a memorable message.

Using location-based targeting is also a great way to take advantage of concentrated attention an area may be receiving. For example, if you are a video game store in a city that is hosting a gaming convention, you can run an ad targeted at Facebook users at the location of the convention. You know that because the individuals are at the convention, they’re more likely to be interested in buying video games. Instead of just targeting ads at users around your store, you can target users surrounding a location that is a hub for potential customers.

There are numerous other ways you can use location-based targeting to execute more intelligent ads. Now that you know this tip, think about how it could apply to your next Facebook ad campaign. 

Benefits of advanced location targeting

  • More precise spending means less wasted budget
  • Create highly relevant messages
  • Gain the trust of your audience


Tip #2

Implement smart A/B testing


If you want to ensure your Facebook ads are performing to their potential, you must be willing to do A/B testing. A/B testing is a technique where you run multiple versions of a single ad that differ in only one way. The difference (variable) may be the targeting, placement, time of posting, or any single aspect of the creative. By testing one variable at a time you can isolate different aspects of your ads leading to optimized performance.

For example, If you have a $1,000 budget for your monthly Facebook advertising, start by spending a portion of that budget on A/B testing. There may be aspects of your ad that you’re unsure about. Is your call to action strong enough? Is your imagery compelling? Are you targeting the most interested audience? With A/B testing you can answer all of these questions by running at least two versions of your ad that differ in one aspect. If one ad does significantly better than the other, you’ll know how to optimize that variable before launching your ad with its full budget.

If you want to run great ads on Facebook you have to minimize the number of assumptions you make. The greatest thing about A/B testing is that you can constantly use this technique to learn and improve your ad performance.

Benefits of implementing smart A/B Testing

  • Requires you to think before you act
  • Endless opportunities to learn
  • Less money wasted on ineffective ads
  • Take chances with minimal risk

Tip #3

Add a Facebook pixel to your website

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website to report conversions, build audiences and accumulate insights on how people are using your website.** With a Facebook Pixel you can learn exactly how your audience is engaging with you while they go through the purchase decision making process.

Below we’ve listed out some of our favorite features of the Facebook Pixel.

  • The Pixel allows you to gather data on how your audience interacts with your ads and website before finally making a purchase. Perhaps certain products on your website are visited more frequently than others. With the pixel you’ll be able to get this insight and numerous others from observing how users are interacting with your ads and website on their desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • The pixel will build a custom audience from every Facebook user that visits your site. This allows you to create ads that specifically target people you know have already been to your website. Re-targeting is a crucial technique for effective Facebook advertising.
  • When your custom audience is large enough, you can create a lookalike audience of users with characteristics similar to those that have visited your site and clicked on your ads. The Pixel takes data from site visitors and uses it to target your ads at the individuals most likely to engage with them. Figuring out the correct targeting for your ads is a constant process, and the Facebook Pixel makes it significantly easier. Without it, you’re doing yourself an injustice.

Before you run your next Facebook ad campaign, make sure that you have added the Facebook Pixel to your website. You can go here to get a step by step tutorial on how to add a pixel to your site.

Tip #4

Run ads in precise windows of time

If you have a Facebook Business page, which you should, and you’re posting content regularly, which you also should, Facebook provides very helpful insights on what times of day your audience is most active. Just visit your business’s Facebook page, click the Insights tab, then go to the Posts section. The first screen will show when your fans are online. On the “Times” graph you’ll see when most of your page’s fans are online.

We increase our ad spend for the few hours during and around the times the majority of page followers are online. If your business page has a decent number of followers, odds are that other users you want to attract to your page are also online during that time. Instead of having your ad run throughout an entire day, only run it during the times you know your audience will be online. This allows you to make more competitive bids for your ad and increase your reach. With this technique, you’re more likely to serve your ads to individuals with habits similar to those that have already liked your page.

If your Insights are showing that there are multiple times when a majority of your fans are online, this is a great example of a time when A/B testing would come in handy.

Try this technique and see how it affects the reach and engagements your ad receives.  

Benefits of binding at specific times

  • Spend when it’s most impactful
  • Increased responsiveness from your target audience
  • Requires a data-centric mindset



Tip #5

Don’t sell the product, sell the solution to the problem you are solving

Obviously, you always want your audience to engage with your product when you run a Facebook ad. What we really mean is that your ad should focus on the benefit your product is providing to customers, not the product itself. The reason why people buy things is because they are looking to solve some sort of problem.

People’s problems may be as basic as being hungry, or as specific as needing a 50” TV for a new man-cave. In fact, the reason most people are on Facebook is because they are trying to solve one of two typical problems. They are bored or they want to catch up with a friend. So when you write your ad, the problem you’re solving should always be front and center. That’s the best way to get your audience to pay attention long enough to click on your ad.

Let’s check out a couple of examples of how you can apply this tip…

  • Product Focused Headline #1
    • Fall Running Shoes Sale – Take advantage of these awesome deals!
  • Solution Focused Headline #1
    • Get in shape. Get in style. Save money with our fall shoe sale!


  • Product Focused Headline #2
    • Shop high performance laptops.
  • Solution Focused Headline #2
    • Your college freshman needs the right computer. Find it here!


  • Product Focused Headline #3
    • Schedule a free consultation with Atlanta’s top attorney
  • Solution Focused Headline #3
    • Get the legal help you need at no cost. Schedule a free consultation.


You’ll see in each Solution Focused Headline that the need of the customer is front and center. This tip allows you to speak to customers in a way that matters to them. Don’t just sell them. Help them. The one catch of this technique it that it requires that you actually understand what matters to your target audience. If all you’re an expert on is your own product, then you won’t ever create great ads. You also have to understand what matters to your audience.

This is an essential element of good ad writing and it will make a big impact on how your ads perform. Take a look at some of the ad campaigns you’ve recently run and explore ways you rewrite them with this technique.

Benefits of selling the solution not the product

  • Put Yourself in Your Audience’s Shoes
  • Makes You Search for Customer Insights
  • Forces You to Think Creatively

We hope you found this guide useful. Start implementing these tactics and let us know how it goes.

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